Ibiza is ... A place where dreams come true! An enigmatic Mediterranean jewel of an island where Balearic hippies in boho chic stand side by side with the glamorous - bejewelled - bikini clad - international jet-set. An Island whose deliciously hedonistic nightlife is balanced out by an ever increasing number of yoga retreats and health food restaurants. The sun kissed beaches, aquamarine sea and pine forested interior continue to draw a vast number of visitors back year upon year.

The UNESCO world heritage Dalt Vila has become an instantly recognized silhouette worldwide. Located 79km off the coast of Valencia, it is the third largest of the Balearic islands and along with neighbouring Formentera and S’espalmador makes up the Pitiusas or Pine Islands. These waters are home to the unique UNESCO protected Posidonia grass prairies.


Ibiza’s history stretches back 1000’s of years and the 1999 inclusion into the UNESCO categories for Biodiversity and Culture have helped promote an Ibiza to a wider audience than the ones seeking only sun, sea and parties.

Dalt Vila

Dalt Vila is a veritable memorial to history, it’s many strata of earth contain remnants of all the cultures that have inhabited the island, from the very first settlers in the bay of the city of Ibiza, to the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans and Moors, up to the Christian conquest led by the King of Aragón in the 13th century. Other sites listed are the underwater posidonia meadows, which are the source of the rich marine biodiversity and crystal clear waters of the Pitiusas Islands. The Phoenician settlement of Sa Caleta and the Punic necropolis Puig des Molins, contain the vestiges of the first settlements on the islands.

Night Life

Ibiza boasts the world’s best nightclub venues, hosting internationally renowned DJs whose careers are built on the reputation of their events here. The ‘big four’ original clubs - Pacha, Amnesia, Privilege and this coming season introducing “Hï” the futuristic night club, will hold court amongst the dedicated clubbers.

Destino, Ibiza

DC10, Ushuaïa continue to claim a very big following. This year looks set to be huge; our top tips for an amazing night out are ... Pacha - Saturday nights are Pure Pacha & Paris by night, hosted by the world famous French Dj, Bob Sinclar. This weekly party will come with an array of fantastic artists. Amnesia, will be hosting some of the world’s best and cutting edge electronic DJ’s and producers, which have been going for over 15 successful years at the venue. Over at Hï, you will be treated to the talents of David Guetta and Axwell & Ingrosso. See you on the dance floor!


In recent years Ibiza has quietly become a real foodie island, the amount of new restaurants serving high quality food, using local ingredients prepared by renowned chefs, is a delight for all who visit. At Heart, Cirque de Soleil provide entertaining performance art coupled with the Adria brother’s gastronomic excellence, art-meets-food-meets- music, promises an inspiring dining experience.

Ibiza restaurants

Rumour has it Hard Rock Hotels Sublimotion restaurant is the most expensive dining experience available in Ibiza at €1500 per person. This offers an original and exclusive event for the lucky few who can manage to get a table.

Beaches & Deep Water Anchorages

Ibiza and Formentera’s beautiful jagged coastline offer a multitude of beaches and coves to explore. There are the lively: Cala Jondal home to Blue Marlin, Ibiza’s infamous beach club or Café Del Mar that made the Ibiza sunset the stuff of legend with the release of their ever popular CD collections. The peaceful Cala Tarida, where The Cotton Beach Club features regular flamenco performances or Cala Charraca, a remote forested cliff top bay.

Cala Vadella

The magical: Isla Vedranell (or Es Vedra to the locals) is said to be a sister to the magnetic Bermuda triangle and is home to dolphins and turtles that constantly frequent the site. And last but not least Formentera, only 11km from Ibiza and features an incredible array of seafood restaurants. Es Palmador whose rich muddy sediment is said to have healing properties.

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